Vice Squad
Monday, June 28, 2004
Vicewire, 6/28/2004

1) A new report out of the UK claims that 75% of criminalized drug users attempted to get help an average of three times before being arrested, and a third felt that committing a crime was the best way to make sure that they received treatment.

2) From Afghanistan, the BBC reports that some drug smugglers posing as aid workers have been caught recently. Afghanistan is a major producer of opiates and indeed the rise in poppy production in Afghanistan is a major factor in the increase in world production of opiates noted by the United Nations.

3) A remake of a Mozart opera featuring some of Vice Squad's favorites (prostitutes, drugs, et al.) is causing quite a stir in Berlin. The director is apparently famous for working nudity and sex into otherwise wholesome dramas.

4) And an apparent prodigal DUI/DWI offender was convicted for the 23rd time last Thursday. He has been driving without a license since 1984 and he triumphantly exclaimed after his previous arrest that he would continue to drink and even made predictions about his actions on his next chase, soon after fulfilling his previous prediction for his current chase. A policeman on the scene recognized him.

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