Vice Squad
Wednesday, June 30, 2004
Vicewire, 6/30/2004

1) The story of Dan Parisi, owner of the website, continues, as a court has ordered the sale of the website legit as long as it removed all political references and did not confuse viewers into thinking it was President Bush's website, The ruling may give comfort to potential buyers of the domain worried that the government will take over the site once they purchase it.

2) A ban against a nudist camp for children is being fought by the ACLU.

3) Doping allegations are the name of the game as both the Tour de France bikers and former Olympic athletes are facing charges of performance enhancing drug use. Though the former involves potential cyclist use of syringes, the latter story has a sports court saying that the U.S. sprinter Jerome Young should be stripped of the gold medal he won in the 2000 Olympics, based on the results of a 1999 steroids test. This accompanies the major league baseball steroid allegations that just won't go away.


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