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Thursday, July 15, 2004
Apparently This is Supposed to Be Funny

A Kentucky couple in their late 50's keep finding a few marijuana plants growing in their wildflower garden, according to the Lexington-Herald. The story is sort-of funny. The couple talks about how they lived through the 60's, but they avoided the hippie culture. When they find the plants, they call the cops. Sadly, the husband states that he resents that someone is growing a cash crop on his land as he is facing retirement on a fixed income. Does it even enter his head that but for a senseless law, he could be growing the plants risk-free and making a little money on the side?

The article comes equipped with a lot of cutsie references to "weeds". The wife mentions that there was a drought a few years ago, and since then the garden has "gone to pot."

What irritates me about stories like this is that if the people who were growing these four plants were ever caught they could be facing serious jail time, yet everyone seems to think it's fine to have a nice laugh about how funny it is that some people grow marijuana and enjoy consuming it, while others don't. As long as the drug laws stand as they are in this country stories like this should not be taken lightly, but should serve as a reminder of the unjust state of drug policy in the U.S.


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