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Saturday, July 03, 2004
Comparative Prostitution News

First, from Cudahy (a southern suburb of Milwaukee), Wisconsin: "Cudahy police targeted prostitution in the city after receiving complaints of sex acts in the hallway of a south side apartment building, where they arrested 11 women and one man during an undercover sting operation."

Second, from Vermont: "Eight women are in custody Friday on immigration violations after police broke up what they say was a prostitution ring being run out of Champlain Valley spas."

Third, from East Moline, Illinois: "Four women were arrested this week in a prostitution sting operation after several females were seen on East Moline's 15th Avenue, whistling at passing cars and trying to solicit customers."

And finally, from the Netherlands:
THE HAGUE (Reuters) - The Dutch government backs plans for "seals of quality" for well-run brothels and standard contracts for prostitutes, as well as more support for those who want to leave the world's oldest profession, it said on Friday.
The Dutch cabinet said it supported the initiative from the prostitution industry to further improve supervision four years after the Netherlands lifted a ban on brothels to improve regulation of the business and fight trafficking in women.

"The sector has said it wants to develop a seal of quality to improve its image," the cabinet said in a statement. "This seal could be given to prostitution firms, which ... comply with criteria in areas such as safety, health and integrity.
They just don't seem to be arresting enough women in the Netherlands.

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