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Friday, July 16, 2004
Poker in the Olympics?

Today marks the start of the grand opening celebration for Chicago's Millennium Park, so named because construction has taken 1000 years and the total cost has been 1000 times greater than the original estimates. Went by the Park earlier today and there was a small but lively demonstration taking place. I thought that it was a labor dispute at first -- just a bit south of the Park is a hotel that has been the scene of a strike and picketing for more than a year now -- but upon closer inspection it turned out that the demonstration was in support of making poker an Olympic sport. I thought that perhaps it was tongue-in-cheek but it appears that the demonstrators were not bluffing: there has been a movement afoot in this direction for awhile now. Here's one poker blogger who isn't having any of it.

As for Blogger the blog service, I am despairing. They have "upgraded" their interface again. The problem for moi is that I use Mozilla, and the new interface is not working with Mozilla (buttons for hyperlinks, etc., are non-existent.) Perhaps if blogging became an Olympic sport we would not be subjected to such sudden shifts in rules or technology.

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