Vice Squad
Monday, July 26, 2004
Return of the Vice

Well, I just made my final guest post at Overlawyered, so I hope to be back to a normal Vice Squad schedule now. (These are the sorts of ambitious goals I set for myself: to return to a normal Vice Squad schedule.) For those of you who had the sense to stay well clear of my Overlawyered posts, I'll torment you by linking to the last bunch here:

(1) More Victories in the War on Drugs;

(2) Attractive Nuisance and Drug Laws;

(3) Brazil Hoping to Shoot Down Suspected Drug Planes;

(4) Racial Profiling;

(5) More on Racial Profiling (which I believe was a finalist for the "creative blog-post title" award);

(6) Personal Responsibility and Addiction;

(7) My farewell to Overlawyered.

Many thanks to the kind netizens of Overlawyered, Walter Olson and Ted Frank, for letting me infiltrate their neighborhood this past week -- despite the resulting plummet in e-property values.


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