Vice Squad
Thursday, July 08, 2004
Substance Abuse Laws My Foot

The US House of Representatives voted against federal legislation that would have shielded medical-marijuana users from federal prosecution in states where medical marijuana was legal. The amendment to a spending bill for the Departments of Justice, State, and Commerce was supported by Democrats and Conservative Republicans and was defeated 268-148.

Representative Max Burns (R-Ga.) said the amendment was "simply the first step in a scheme to overturn all the substance-abuse laws." Anyone who refers to our current drug laws and policy as "substance-abuse laws" must have his or her head buried in the sand. Current federal drug laws do absolutely nothing to combat substance abuse. Instead they decimate poor communities, ruin families, and marginalize otherwise law-abiding citizens.

Further, the debate about medical marijuana and legalization of marijuana outright are two entirely different debates. It's like trying to get us to believe Saddam had something to do with 9/11. How many studies, how many government-sponsored reports , how many of our friends and neighbors jailed, will it take to end the mindless rhetoric surrounding the consumption of marijuana for medical or other purposes?


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