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Saturday, July 31, 2004
This Weekend's Comparative Prostitution News

(1) Everett, Washington: "19 Busted in Prostitution Sting"

(2) Odessa, Texas: "67 surrender so far in prostitution case" (Fort Worth Star-Telegram, registration required.)

(3) Auckland, New Zealand: "NZ issues guide for prostitutes." A sample from the linked article:
THE New Zealand government, having taken the step of legalising prostitution, has now issued a guide for sex workers.

The 100-page Occupational Safety and Health guide to safe sex practices has been launched on a government website with the caution: "Warning: this document contains sexually explicit material".

The recommendations - which the New Zealand Herald said today will also be distributed to brothels and sex workers - include detailed advice on safe sex practices such as the storage and handling of sex toys and disinfecting equipment.
This safety and health guide follows the earlier government guide concerning how to open a brothel.

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