Vice Squad
Sunday, July 11, 2004
Vicewire, 7/11/2004

1) Another pilot has been arrested for operating a plane under the influence of alcohol. Earlier this week, two other pilots who were accused of being drunk in the cockpit were indicted.

2) A cocaine kingpin from a Colombian drug cartel has been captured after attempting to get to Mexico. He was responsible for around $10 billion worth of cocaine entering the United States.

3) More air news: the foudner of Peru's largest airline, Aero Continente, has been accused of drug trafficking, and prosecuters are seeking 15 years penalty.

4) A new ad campaign links pirating DVDs to terrorism and drug dealing.

5) Little victory: the island of Sark has lifted a ban on gambling on its annual sheep race Saturday.

6) Bad celebrities: Ja Rule, Judakiss, Marty Stuart, a Belgian cyclist named Christophe Brandt (found with methadone, by the way), Scott Weiland...that's enough for now.

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