Vice Squad
Sunday, July 18, 2004
Vicewire, 7/18/2004

1) Earlier this week, there was a march and rally in Glasgow calling for the legalization of cannabis.

2) Courtney Love's troubles continue, as a sentencing arrangement has been worked out for 24 hours after her release from a New York hospital. Her charges include being under the influence of drugs and possessing drugs, as well as assault, and the sentence will likely include a drug rehab program.

3) More brothel news: the United Kingdom is attempting to reform prostitution by possibly decriminalizing brothels and protecting those within the sex trade.

4) More on summer laws in parts of Britain preventing people under 21 from drinking on the weekend. In a related story, this effort to crack down on alcohol related violence has been heralded as a success, though the only successes mentioned in the article is the prevention of the sale of alcohol to minors.


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