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Tuesday, July 27, 2004
Vicewire, 7/27/2004

1) Probably the top offbeat story of the day: a girl claims she found a marijuana joint in her McDonalds parfait.

2) Local Chicago news: apparently yet another drug sting is resolutely under way in the city.

3) An 80 year old Italian granny responsible for a good amount of drug dealing has finally been apprehended.

4) Friend of Vice Squad George Byrd sends word of a plan to prevent future drug addiction in children: anti-drug immunizations. A descriptive article is here. [Update: Mark Kleiman speaks some sense on this story: the probability of any government mandating for children any of the existing "immunizations" is virtually zero -- JL] [Further update!: Last One Speaks has more, and it is troubling; now I don't know whether or not to be concerned. I'll try to read the report (52 page pdf) to learn more -- JL]

5) New data about the number of people incarcerated: drug violations cover 25% of probationists.

6) And finally, this story seems to have slipped through the cracks: a Pennsylvania judge has apparently been letting minor marijuana possession cases go without prosecution! The decisions have been reversed by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and the Attorney General is quoted as saying: "It has been and remains illegal for juveniles to possess marijuana." Strong words.

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