Vice Squad
Thursday, July 08, 2004
Vicewire, 7/7/2004

1) Using new research associating video game violence with aggressive behavior, some states are looking for legislation to restrict sales of video games.

2) As mentioned below by Nikkie, the US House of Representatives has voted to continue prosecuting people who use marijuana for medical reasons. This issue is very important to the Bush Administration, and stopping prosecution would, ominously, send "the message to young people that there can be health benefits by smoking marijuana", according to representative Frank Wolf of Virginia. Of course, whether or not people's pain is eased doesn't appear to matter...

3) A major cocaine bust in England has stopped "massive" supply of the drug. Thankfully, this group was apprehended before they continued their "major and prolific" cocaine sales.

4) Perhaps inspired by the US approach to alcohol policy, some places in England are calling for a drinking ban for people under 21.

5) And the United Kingdom "Booze Cruise" is violating EU rules in their cracking down on people bringing in alcohol and tobacco.


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