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Wednesday, August 11, 2004
Interstate Wine Shipments

Professor Todd Zywicki of George Mason Law School is back at the Volokh Conspiracy following a stint at the FTC. He has a series of interesting posts that concern direct interstate shipments of alcohol to individuals. The loyal Vice Squad reader will recall that there are two legal cases, to be argued before the Supreme Court next term, involving state laws (in Michigan and New York) that prohibit such interstate alcohol shipments but permit similar in-state shipments. So far, Prof. Zywicki has been laying out the issues and explaining why the plain meaning of the Prohibition-ending 21st Amendment doesn't give states carte blanche to do what they want with respect to alcohol imports.

His posts (so far) can be found (1) here; (2) here; and (3) here. Professor Bainbridge is another blogger who has written quite a bit on this topic. I first got up to speed on this issue thanks to the efforts of a pretty good student.

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