Vice Squad
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
The return of Vicewire, 8/17/2004

Vicewire has returned after an extended vacation, now 3 times a week!

1) Here's a story about the top party schools being announced this week, with rankings taking into account the amount of marijuana consumed and the amount of hard liquor and beer drunken.

2) Atlantic City casinos have been expanding their activities into "beach bars" and other activities to lure potential profits from gamblers.

3) A new study shows that rats can be addicted to cocaine, much the same way humans can be. This could be useful in analyzing addiction and discovering effective treatments.

4) Here's more on the difficult fight against opium production in Afghanistan, which is expected to reach a record high this year.

5) And a judge in Nevada has reanimated the battle to legalize up to one ounce of marijuana by declaring requirements to get on the ballot unconstiutional. A lawyer is quoted as saying there is a "decent likelihood" of qualifying the potential amendment to the Nevada constitution, though it would not take effect until at least 2006.


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