Vice Squad
Tuesday, August 17, 2004
Smoking Ban Cramps Lobbyists' Style

A former student writes in to bring our attention to this story from the New York Times over the weekend. It concerns the attempt by a lobbying firm to host a party including (indeed, centering upon) cigar smoking at the Carnegie Club in Manhattan during the Republican Convention. But so far, the necessary exemption from NYC's smoking ban has not been obtained -- and if the usual timeline applies, it will not be approved in time for the party. The Carnegie Club already has a history of smoking violations, it seems. Will we see civil disobedience, a' la Fibber Magees in Galway and other Irish pubs?

I tried to better Vice Squad and marred what was well. Vice Squad permalinks are not working right now, and it is probably my fault. (My technical incompetence gives the lie to the name "permalink".) I can only hope that some sort of supernatural intervention will restore the useful little critters.


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