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Sunday, August 01, 2004
South Carolina Alcohol Revolution on the Horizon?

First, there's that whole change-the-state-constitution-thing to make it legal to sell liquor in something other than those airplane-style minibottles. (The amendment is up for a vote in November's election.) Now, some imbibing professor, of course, wants to get rid of the current South Carolina alcohol cap of 5% by weight (about 6% by volume) for beer. This movement comes on the heels of a parallel reform that went into effect in Georgia on July 1. One of the arguments of those who would like to see the cap raised is that very high proof alcohol is perfectly legal in South Carolina -- it is only beer that has this limitation, which rules out a fair number of high-quality quaffs.

Here's the webpage of a North Carolina group organized to repeal the NC beer alcohol restriction. In addition to the Carolinas, Alabama, Mississippi, and Arkansas have "low" limits on beer alcohol content.

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