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Wednesday, August 25, 2004
Vicewire, 8/24/2004

Blogger trouble prevented this post from being completed on time:

1) Just for fun, here is a link to a story about the new hippie dictionary that incorporates plenty of new lingo for some standard vice engagements, (such as the tern "swacked").

2) A large ringleader in Mexican-U.S. drug trafficking has been arrested.

3) Here's another case of a naughty policeman, who allegedly agreed to supply 2 ounces of cocaine to an inmate.

4) A man rode his wheelchair 3,000 miles from Moscow to Madrid to protest illicit drug use. [Update: Link corrected -- JL]

5) And finally, a new Califronia undercover operation led to 184 drug arrests and plenty of amphetamines and marijuana.

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