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Tuesday, August 31, 2004
Vicewire, 8/31/2004

1) A new study shows that 52% of European smokers who suffer from a serious heart attack, surgery, or other major heart illnesses are still smoking a year later. The American Heart Association says the numbers are similar in the United States. This is in spite of large-scale anti-tobacco advertising and doctor's advice.

2) A ski resort in Rumford, Maine has completely banned tobacco products. "What we're trying to focus on is creating healthier communities in the state," said the president of the Maine Winter Sports Center. Smoking is already banned in Maine bars and restaurants.

3) Following the merger of Harrah's and Caesar's Entertainment Incs., four casinos are being sold by the new company, in order to avoid antitrust legislation. The Wall Street Journal cited the deal as worth about $1.26 billion.

4) Here's a story about police in England adopting the French scheme of offering designated drivers free entry to nightclubs.

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