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Tuesday, August 03, 2004
Vicewire, 8/3/2004

1) A new study by the NIAAA shows that 9% of all Americans abuse alcohol and 2% abuse drugs.

2) Here's an interesting FindLaw piece concerning trial lawyer attempts to wreak havoc upon the alcohol industry, much like it did with big tobacco.

3) A drug dog died from amphetamine overdose earlier this week.

4) Here's a story about the first drug approved for combatting alcohol abuse: Campral.

5) Sports figures Marcus Vick and Ricky Williams are in the news, both for their apparent shaky history in resisting marijuana. Marcus is suspended from the Virginia Tech Hokies college football team and Ricky Williams acknowledged that his marijuana troubles had something to do with his surprise retirement from the NFL.

6) Scott Peterson, on trial for possibly murdering his wife, apparently ordered Playboy Television after his wife had been missing for a while. The article is littered with implicit criticism of people who view pornography, with one being this important exchange:
[Defense lawyer Mark] Geragos noted that the satellite company characterizes the programming as "adult content," not "pornography".
"You like to call that adult programming, right?" Geragos asked.
"Well, that's what it is," [satellite TV manager] Toy said.
Before Toy took the stand, Geragos argued to keep his testimony from jurors, claiming it had no relevance and would "assassinate (Peterson's) character" and "enflame (the jury's) passion."
Prosecutor Rick Distaso argued that it showed Peterson's state of mind while the search for his wife ensued.
"It's not just the Playboy Channel," Distaso said, adding that Peterson later ordered what he described as "two hardcore channels."

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