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Tuesday, September 07, 2004
Amsterdam Cracks Down on Prostitution

Of course, what is left after the crackdown is still a lot more tolerant than what we have in the good ol' US of A. Amsterdam's experiment of toleration zones for street prostitution went by the boards at the end of 2003. Window prostitution in the red light district is still legit, however, as are brothels. The article, just published in Expatica, was written at the end of 2003, but it still provides a pretty good overview of some of the problems (and gains) associated with the streetwalking tolerance zones. (There's also this related story on the prostitution-related downfall of an Amsterdam alderman.) The loyal Vice Squad reader will recall Belle de Jour's criticism of streetwalking tolerance zones. Many cities in Britain are considering adopting prostitution tolerance zones; in Nottingham, the police authority chairman supports such designated zones, outside of the city.

The D'Alliance points to another Expatica vice story, this one about trying to crackdown on French drug tourists in Antwerp, a Belgian port city even more accessible than Rotterdam from France.

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