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Tuesday, September 21, 2004
And You Thought That Gays in the Military was a Divisive Issue

Thousands of years of military tradition are at stake as the US considers rendering it verboten for troops stationed overseas to patronize prostitutes. The rationale is to avoid contributing to the trafficking of women for coerced prostitution: "Defense officials have drafted an amendment to the manual on courts-martial that would make it an offense for U.S. troops to use the services of prostitutes, said Charles Abell, a Pentagon undersecretary for personnel and readiness." A complementary policy underway in Korea is to make life on the base less dull: "That effort includes offering expanded evening and weekend education programs, band concerts, late-night sports leagues and expanded chaplains' activities."

Wow. I imagine that this proposed reform will garner quite a bit of discussion during the 60-day window for public comment.

Having recently watched Shakespeare's Measure For Measure at the reconstructed Globe, let me quote from it: Lechery "is well allied; but it is impossible to extirp it quite, friar, till eating and drinking be put down."

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