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Monday, September 27, 2004
Anti-Obscenity Thugs Rampage in Kashmir

And they have the nerve to call themselves the Democratic Liberation Party. Here's an excerpt from this article:
SRINAGAR: Activists of a separatist political party went on a rampage in this summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir Saturday, smashing furniture and property of restaurants accusing them of spreading vulgarity.

The activists said these restaurants had become centres of "obscenity and vulgarity" in Kashmir because they provided separate cabins for their clients.

Dozens of activists of the Democratic Liberation Party formed by Hashim Qureshi stormed some hotels and restaurants in the posh Regal Chowk, Gogjibagh and Rajbagh areas of Srinagar.

They smashed glass, destroyed furniture and even dragged out some restaurant owners and waiters, beating them severely. All this was done ostensibly in the name of checking obscenity and vulgarity.
I guess they had to destroy the village to liberate it. Alas, I am afraid (based on what has been happening to alcohol sellers) that Iraq is being similarly liberated.

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