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Monday, September 06, 2004
The Baffling Poker Craze (via MSNBC) has a great article on the amazing increase in poker playing, both the in-person and online varieties. (Shouldn't these poker aficionados all be blogging instead?) Here's an excerpt from the section devoted to online poker:
In a recent 24-hour period, about $124 million was wagered in more than 100 online poker rooms, according to, a Canadian company that tracks the industry.

At peak playing times, the largest site,, has had more than 50,000 people playing at more than 5,000 tables.

Dennis Boyko, who runs PokerPulse, said that last month online sites were pulling in $3.2 million a day through "rakes," which are small portions of every hand played, depending on how much is being bet.

That number is up from $300,000 per day in January 2003.

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