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Monday, September 20, 2004
Belated Anniversary Greetings

It's the greetings that are belated, not the anniversary, which came right on time. While I was involved in intensive research overseas, Vice Squad passed its one-year marker. Thanks to my co-bloggers, Nikkie, Mike, Ryan, and even the elusive Bernard, for all their assistance in making Vice Squad the single most popular blog (er, at least among those with the initials V. S. -- hey, "Conspiracy" doesn't start with an S, does it?) Thanks also to many of our blogospheric buddies, including Crescat, Drug WarRant, Last One Speaks, D'Alliance, Mark Kleiman, Overlawyered, and The Agitator: almost all of the fun and instruction of this blogging gig comes from reading these and other blogs. And thanks also to that even more elusive creature, the loyal Vice Squad reader, whoever you are. [Oops, forgot to mention all the kind folks who have sent links to vice-related stories; these leads have been very useful for me, even when I didn't post about them. My gratitude goes out to your generosity.]

I thought about linking to the worst Vice Squad post of the previous year, but as you can imagine, it was a hard decision. (Incidentally, this is Vice Squad post number 794.) Please feel free to send nominations for "Worst Vice Squad Post" via e-mail. In the meantime, I will link to our 6-month post, which was better (and more timely) than this one...perhaps illustrative of a general decline in V.S. quality? Imagine what we will be like come March, 2005.


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