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Friday, September 24, 2004
Crackdown on Commercial Sex in South Korea

Friend of Vice Squad Pak Shun Ng brings our attention to this article at the Straits Times Interactive (Singapore), detailing a recent police crackdown on prostitution in Korea. The police spokesperson actually seemed surprised that some of the sex workers were unhappy about the raids, perhaps because the crackdown is presumably motivated to help sex workers: "The owners and the women actually complained about losing their livelihood and they seemed serious about it," the spokesperson is quoted as saying. Meanwhile, the perhaps unrelated attempt by the US armed services to make it an offense for a soldier based overseas to patronize a prostitute is receiving mixed reviews within the ranks. No word on how this change in service regulations will affect any possible repeat of a Mustang Ranch promotion from the early 1990s, when unmarried Gulf War veterans were given free "parties" at the ranch.

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