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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
A Drunk Driving Accident in Nashville

A week ago or so Vice Squad mentioned, lightheartedly, an accident in rural Latvia in which both the driver of a horse and buggy and the driver of a car were drunk at the time of the crash. But no one was seriously hurt in that crash. In Nashville, Tennessee, a criminal trial will soon take place, and a civil suit has been filed, in another case of dual alcohol impairment -- but there was a very serious injury in the Nashville accident.

On July 9, a car hit a pedestrian who was crossing a street; the pedestrian suffered severe head trauma. The driver of the car was a sergeant with the Nashville Metro Police, and her blood-alcohol content was recorded at .16, twice the legal limit. She resigned from the police force last week. It appears, however, that her defense against a charge of vehicular assault will include the notion that the pedestrian was (somewhat?) at fault, because the pedestrian's blood-alcohol content was recorded at .10.

The family of the injured pedestrian has filed suit against both the driver and the bar that served alcohol to the driver.

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