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Tuesday, September 14, 2004
Experienced Individual Agrees With Vice Squad!

Sure, he may have been under the influence of alcohol at the time, but still, we will take any and all allies. The issue is that darn alcohol inhaler, the one that some folks want to ban. Vice Squad has long maintained that the 20 minutes of inhalation that is required to consume (half) a shot of alcohol from the vaporizing machine is not conducive to the future popularity of alcohol inhaling. An article in Newsday offers a similar opinion, and this one is even informed:
"They shouldn't waste their breath trying to outlaw this machine," said Steve Baskinger, owner of Bask's Bar and Grill, in West Patterson, N.J. "You can't get drunk. You don't get anything from it. It takes 20 minutes to inhale a quarter of a shot."

The machine pumps pressurized oxygen through a hose over a small amount of liquor in a canister held by the customer, who sucks up the vapor.

Baskinger said he sent back his $3,695 machine on Monday, four days after it was delivered and he and his staff eagerly tried it out. "I'm a gadget guy, but you can't get excited about this thing," he said.

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