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Saturday, September 25, 2004
Hurricane Preparation: Bottled Water, Flashlights, Alcohol

Indian River County in Florida ordered alcohol and firearms stores to close when hurricane Frances swept through. Folks aren't going to get caught short this time, though, according to this article at (registration required). Here's an excerpt:
[there were hundreds who] flocked to the ABC Fine Wine & Spirits liquor store in the Miracle Mile Plaza Friday to stock up on alcohol because the County Commission has banned the sales of alcohol and firearms, effective 8 p.m. today.

Indian River County's alcohol and firearms ban lasted almost two weeks after Hurricane Frances swept through the Treasure Coast. And with Hurricane Jeanne's winds expected to be stronger, many residents are not taking any chances when it comes to their favorite drinks.

"It is common to see sales of more than $100 from each customer. We are selling alcohol by the case," said Suzanne Savini, store manager at the liquor store. "We just got a shipment in (Friday morning) and people are buying just about everything."

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