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Thursday, September 23, 2004
In Tallinn, 'Brits are the new Finns'... least according to Stella, a Tallinn resident quoted in this story in the Independent. Being called a new Finn, it turns out, is not necessarily a compliment. Here's Stella's remark, with slightly more context:
"The British come here because they think the booze is cheap and the women are too," says Stella. "They make too much noise and drive other people out of the bars. Brits are the new Finns."
The linked article, as perhaps you have guessed, is about vice tourism, and in particular, how British stag parties are taking advantage of cheap airfares to convene in fellow EU-member Estonia. (To some extent, this represents a substitution from Prague, the standard continental destination spot for well-fueled Britons.) The vice tourists bring the usual array of alcohol-related public nuisances along with them.

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