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Saturday, September 11, 2004
The Lowdown on Alcohol Vaporizers... provided by Amanda Schaffer in Slate. Here's a sample:
...intensive inhalation may be more likely to cause alcohol toxicity than binge drinking. This is because vaporized alcohol, as it enters the bloodstream directly from the lungs, is not subject to the protective effects of the digestive system—notably, the impulse to vomit. The machine is apparently calibrated with this danger in mind—using AWOL, it takes 20 minutes to inhale the equivalent of one shot—and the company's promotional materials recommend no more than two sessions, or two shots, in a 24-hour period. Nonetheless, an enthusiast who exceeded this limit or tinkered with the amount delivered by the device itself could no doubt raise her blood alcohol level very dramatically.
My general feeling that this form of inhalation is a very unattractive manner of consuming alcohol remains unshaken.

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