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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Montana Moral Environment Imperiled

And once again, it was those liberal, activist judges -- this time, those on the Montana Supreme Court. The idea was to put a couple of pro-morality (er, anti-obscenity) measures on the ballot in November. A judge in February gave the go ahead, at which point those proposing the ordinances had 90 days to start collecting signatures. They chose not to do so, instead waiting for the Montana Supreme Court decision. But the Supremes said that because there had been no signature-gathering, there wasn't a legitimate legal controversy -- and this means, for some reason, that the measure cannot now appear on the November ballot. The ordinances were the brainchild of an organization that is very concerned with other people's morality; from the linked article:
One ordinance would restrict the distribution of obscene materials within Yellowstone County. The other would regulate sexually oriented businesses, such as bars that allow nude dancing.

The possible ordinances were presented to the county commissioners last year by Dallas Erickson of Stevensville. He heads Help Our Moral Environment, a statewide organization that works to restrict sexually oriented businesses.
Help Our Moral Environment was in the news back in 2001, for opposing President Bush's selection of former Montana Governor Marc Racicot to head the Republican National Committee.

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