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Friday, September 24, 2004
Prostitutes and soccer don't go together in Guatemala

Prostitutes just don't get any breaks. According to Australia's The Age (registration required, or you can get there via Google without registration) a women's soccer team made up of prostitutes was ejected from a tournament in Guatemala. The team named the Stars of the Line was drawn from about 200 women working in the Guatemala City's red-light district called the Train Line. The soccer officials claimed that the team was ejected because of the foul language used by their fans. But the team captain, Valeria, was sure that they were thrown out simply because of their profession. "When they found out we were prostitutes, they tossed us out like cockroaches," she said. "It is really discrimination." BTW, it doesn't look like the Stars were particularly good at soccer. On Monday, they lost to Blue Devils, a team from an exclusive girls school (apparently, no relationship to Duke U) 5:2.

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