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Wednesday, September 01, 2004
Vice stuff on Volokh Conspiracy

Over the last two days, there have been some vice-related posts on Volokh Conspiracy. Most interesting, in an outrageous sort of way, was an excerpt from an August 29 Fox News interview with Dennis Hastert, where the Speaker was questioning whether George Soros’s money had come from “overseas or from drug groups…”

Today, there was a longer discussion of the same interview in Slate’s press box. I don’t know how we as society, and our Representatives, can tolerate this kind of behavior from the Speaker of the House. BTW, Hastert’s reasoning seemed to be that because Soros supports legalization of some illegal drugs, he must be sponsored by drug cartels. I would think that any reasonable person would conclude exactly the opposite, that is, as was noted on Volokh, the drug cartels would abhor legalization of drugs. Such legalization would almost surely result in lower prices of drugs and eliminate most of the rents that these cartels currently enjoy. If Hastert's reasoning in this interview was representative of his approach to legislation, God help us.

Another interesting item on Volokh Conspiracy had to do with the U.K.’s decision to prohibit Ford Motor Co.’s Land Rover commercials featuring a lady using a gun. The prohibition was in part in response to complaints from the public that these commercials glamorized the guns by making them look cool. Incidentally, the gun in the commercial was apparently a starter pistol.

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