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Monday, September 20, 2004
Vicewire, 9/20/2004

1) Check out Mark Kleiman's excellent post on drug policy.

2) A New York judge has ruled it is ok to be drunk or high while performing jury duty. She cited the 1987 Supreme Court case that ruled mind-altering substances could not be considered outside influences on jurors.

3) Rockport, MA (dry since 1856!) is considering lifting its ban on alcohol.

4) California is being sued by in-state racetrack owners, who say that the government gave special treatment to American Indian reservations in allowing more slot machines to be built there in exchange for $1 billion a year.

5) In Colombia, the largest pharmacy chain was shut down by police, who say that it was funded by money from drug traffickers. It entailed taking over 400 stores in 28 cities.

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