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Saturday, September 04, 2004
Vodka tasting

There is an informative post in Slate on the qualities of different vodkas. Among other things, it describes the results of a tasting test of 11 different premium brands commonly available in the US. Swedish Absolut that I used to like didn't do too well. My current favorite, Three Olives made in England, was not tested. Nonetheless, I got some useful information from the post. Can't wait to verify at least some of the results. Perhaps Vice Squad can have its own test at some future date.

The Slate post also contains a link to a story about Russia's Yukos allegedly getting in some trouble in April 2004 for marketing vodka distilled from ... no, not oil, but hemp seeds. The vodka was made in the Czech Republic. The offense of the Yukos-owned gas station apparently was not the sale of the vodka itself, but the statement on the bottle's label that referred to the vodka being made from hemp. Such a statement appears to be against the Russian law on advertisement that prohibits promoting drug use. Well, Yukos probably wished this were its greatest problem.

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