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Thursday, October 07, 2004
Advice From The Drug Czar

Dear Mr. Walters,

Sometimes parents just don't know what they must do, as opposed to what they should do, but it wouldn't be the end of the world if they failed to do it. Is there anything that every parent must do?


Trying My Best, But Need a Helping Hand


It is imperative for every parent to regularly send the message that marijuana use is dangerous and unacceptable in their family.

With best regards,

John, Czar of Marijuana and All the Drugs

Thanks to Baylen at D'Alliance for the pointer.

Why limit your taxpayer-funded advice there, Czar Walters? Why not tell parents of America what religion they must endorse, or what political candidate? Oh, and by the way, I guess you, like the rest of us, only became such a success in life because your parents regularly sent you the message about the dangers of marijuana? Sure, dinnertime conversation becomes a bit repetitive, but it is worth it. Do you think that we could jail parents for child abuse if they fail in their anti-drug duties? Jes' askin'.

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