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Wednesday, October 20, 2004
Get Low-Mileage, Late-Model Cars Cheap --- From US Customs!

And they can be trusted just as much as any used car dealer. The catch here is that, well, the cars that are auctioned off come into Customs' hands via confiscation. So? Well, in some cases, it seems, the drugs that the previous owner had stashed in the car are not removed prior to the auction. So? Well, when the drugs are discovered, the new, innocent owner might have to spend a month or even a year in a Mexican prison. But the car is cheap! What do you expect for 1500 bucks, a drug-free vehicle?

There are claims (far from proven, however) that the drugs were not discovered because finding drugs involves damaging the car -- and damaged cars would not bring in as much cash at the auction. Thanks to Overlawyered for the pointer.

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