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Thursday, October 28, 2004
Korean Men Fight Prostitution Crackdown

The South Korean campaign against prostitution is slated to terminate at the end of October, but the laws criminalising commercial sex will remain in place, of course. Unless, that is, Korean men win their challenge to the laws on human rights grounds:
A men's organization has decided to hand in a petition that calls for repealing the anti-prostitution law, to the National Human Rights Commission. The Korea Men's Association (KMA), an organization aiming for the protection of men's rights and the abolition of sexual discrimination against men, has decided to submit a petition to the human rights commission on Nov. 1.

On Thursday, "The law banning prostitution was established by feminists with animosity toward men," said Lee Kyung-su, the chief of the organization, asserting, "The law made to tie up and crackdown on men should be repealed."

He said, "We are not related to pimps or prostitutes and do not support prostitution," adding, "The problem is that this law regards every man in this country as a latent criminal and discriminates against men."
This is the second somewhat surprising invocation of human rights that has graced Vice Squad this month.

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