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Friday, October 01, 2004
Not Knowing Jack

Jack Daniels has lowered the alcohol content in its signature product from 86 to 80 proof. (The alcohol content was lowered to 86 proof from 90 proof fifteen years ago.) Modern Drunkard magazine is not pleased. (I originally learned about this story from this AP report.)

In an otherwise unrelated alcohol story, a task force at Iowa State University is looking into a riot that took place in Ames, Iowa, this past April, during the annual springtime "Veishea" festival. After the police shut down an off-campus party, a rampage "resulted in $100,000 in damage, 37 arrests and ISU officials' cancellation of Veishea in 2005." The task force suggests that the problems stem in part from alcohol policies that are too severe -- a campuswide alcohol prohibition was put in place for Veishea, and that prohibition encouraged students to leave campus for their partying.

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