Vice Squad
Thursday, October 28, 2004
What's the Matter With Kansas?*

Just days ago Vice Squad mentioned efforts in Salina, Kansas, to clamp down on an adult goods store. Today we learn that the owner of a Salina nightclub, The Groove, has pleaded "no contest" to charges of not having the appropriate license to operate an adult business. It seems that a wet t-shirt contest got, predictably, out of hand, and the owner appeared to be encouraging the unlicensed nudity. But the plea agreement allows him to avoid a "promoting obscenity" charge, and he and Salina will get their Groove back, complete with liquor -- but not nude dancing -- license.

Incidentally, the owner's lawyer referred to the verboten activity as "spontaneous nude dancing" (odd how nude dancing doesn't seem to spontaneously break out, say, when I am walking home), and the terms of the plea agreement require the owner to make "a $500 donation to the Domestic Violence Association of Central Kansas."

*with apologies to Thomas Frank

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