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Wednesday, November 03, 2004
Election Tight!

But by a 180-vote margin, Fort Payne, Alabama, will allow legal alcohol sales. The unofficial tally was 2,597 in favor of the sales to 2,417 against. Three-quarters of the alcohol sales tax revenues are earmarked for the city school system.

Voters also approved liquor sales by the drink, for large restaurants, in the Kentucky cities of London, Williamstown and Franklin. But voters in Caldwell County, Kentucky, refused to give restaurants "alcohol by the drink" privileges, by a 521 vote margin.

Williamson, New York (near Rochester) voted to liberalize its controls on alcohol sales, too, though bars and liquor stores remain unwelcome.

In Cullman, Alabama, however, alcohol sales remain prohibited, thanks to 3,840 votes against legalization versus 3,267 in favor. Cullman is consistent, this being the sixth defeat for legal alcohol sales there in the last twenty years.

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