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Thursday, November 18, 2004
Lazy Link-Based Post

(1) Ken Lammers at Crim Law doesn't think that the Supreme Court will recognize dog sniffs as a "search". He also manages to use the word "thaumaturgic," which I had to look up. Pete at Drug WarRant is pessimistic about the outcome of the sniff case, too.

(2) Via The Agitator, we learn of Jacob Sullum's piece at Hit and Run exposing the DEA's backtracking from its own advice to doctors about pain treatment. Seems like following their old advice might have left docs open to, oh, DEA prosecutions and long jail sentences. This whole DEA idea is working out so well that I think we ought to extend it to other commodities. How about a Cabbage Enforcement Administration?

(3) Libby at Last One Speaks has the word on an extremely dangerous vice criminal, thankfully to be held in custody more-or-less permanently. Pete at Drug WarRant notes that case, too, as well as that of another vicious miscreant held only for a couple of years, alas, though some extra-judicial abuse also was inflicted. This leniency is sure to lead to a crime wave.

(4) It looks like crack cocaine is losing out to heroin as the analogy used to demonize somethin' you're agin', as Radley at The Agitator demonstrates here and here.

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