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Tuesday, November 09, 2004
A New Vice Crime: Walking

Charlotte, North Carolina is taking a page out of the drug warriors' book in its fight to end prostitution as we know it. The Tar Heel plan? Well, the Charlotte police have devised a clever plot to nip streetwalking right in the bud: they hope to outlaw walking altogether! The police are:
...asking for permission to make the [Camp Greene] neighborhood a "prostitution-free zone."

That means officers would not have to witness the actual prostitution to make an arrest. Just strolling down the street would be enough to land known prostitutes in handcuffs.

"If we see them walking down the street, then we won't have to wait to make a case," Officer Kenny Faulkner said Monday. "Hopefully, we can arrest them right on the spot."

The Charlotte City Council must approve the idea, though, and a committee would have to decide the boundaries of the zone.
At least there is a committee involved.

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