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Tuesday, December 07, 2004
Macao Gambling Monopoly Threatened?

Just last week Vice Squad mentioned that Macao was the only part of China that permitted casinos. Now The Standard ("China's Business Newspaper") suggests that Chinese authorities might be thinking about expanding legal casinos to other parts of the country. The evidence for that view, however, is not exactly overwhelming. It seems to be primarily based on the notions that the government could use the money, illegal gambling happens anyway, and Peking University is co-hosting a conference about gambling.

Thanks to Harry Hutton, impresario of Chase Me Ladies, I'm in the Cavalry, for the pointer. Harry sort of lives in Hong Kong, when he isn't visiting Mars or Alpha Centauri or some such. Harry's take on Macao? "It's like Las Vegas but without all the good taste and understatement."

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