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Tuesday, January 11, 2005
Italy Joins the Public Smoking Ban Parade

And why not? All the cool countries -- Ireland, Norway -- are doing it.

The Italian ban went into effect on Monday. The politico who prepared the law defended it by appealing to majority sentiment. One suspects that the opponents will not find his arguments, as quoted in this Reuters story, all that compelling:
"Those who want to smoke can do it in the street or at home but not right next to people who can't stand it and who cannot tolerate being poisoned," said the author of the new law, Health Minister Girolamo Sirchia.

"The majority of the population is tired of being poisoned by the smoke in the air where they work or where they play ... the majority, three quarters of Italians, is with us."
Soon to join the parade are the countries(?) of Scotland and Quebec.

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