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Monday, January 10, 2005
Obscene Update

(1) A man in Wausau, Wisconsin, has been arrested under an anti-obscenity ordinance for displaying a sign (as he frequently does) reading "This war is Bushit." Hat Tip: Spatula at

(2) The record held by the film "Reservoir Dogs" -- the record, that is, for most obscenities contained in a program aired by the BBC -- is threatened by the scheduled broadcast of a musical currently playing in London: "Jerry Springer: The Opera." The musical is blasphemous as well as obscene, it seems, and is generating a significant campaign to prevent its airing over the state-owned BBC Channel 2. From this article in The Scotsman:
The controversial West End musical is due to be screened on BBC2 on Saturday night -- complete with more than 8,000 obscenities.

The figure dwarfs the previous swearing record of 246 when Channel 4 aired the film Reservoir Dogs in 2003.
Speaking of allegations of blasphemy, Vice Squad somehow failed to mention the forced closing of a play in Birmingham by Sikh protestors. It is one thing to object to a play, and to publicize your dissent. What is insupportable is your abrogation of the rights of others to decide whether or not to see the play for themselves.

(3) Owners of Cabbage Patch Dolls can register their holdings. To aid this endeavor, the manufacturer generates some random alphanumeric strings for each individual doll. Alas, sometimes the letters form impolite words.

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