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Sunday, January 02, 2005
The US, Behind, to Continue Its Battle With...

...Antigua and Barbuda. The World Trade Organization found in November that the US ban on betting with offshore firms violates its trade commitments. (Enforcement of an offshore betting ban is something else entirely -- in most states, it seems, casual bettors are unlikely to face any enforcement action, though those who establish internet betting sites, even abroad, have more to worry about in terms of legal jeopardy from the US. But I am not a lawyer, so please do not rely on that information, which could be mistaken.) But the US will not take this ruling lying down; rather, the nearly 70,000 residents of Antigua and Barbuda will be subjected appeal of the WTO decision.

As Vice Squad's ad nauseum discussion of EU alcohol policy indicates, I worry that allowing free trade agreements to trump a nation's vice regulations poses a threat both to desirable vice policies and to free trade.

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