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Monday, February 14, 2005
Combating Prostitution Phone-Booth Cards in London

The Westminster City Council in London would like to see fewer of those risque' cards popping up in their otherwise charming red phone boxes. One way to accomplish this, presumably, is to make sure that the phone numbers that are advertised on the cards are inoperable. Landline telephone companies have generally complied with requests to disable such numbers, but cell phone providers have proven less willing. So staff members of the Westminster City Council had no choice but to distribute "20,000 mock prostitute cards with the names and phone numbers of cell phone chief executives on them."

The article linked above is from the Houston Chronicle. Houston had its own prostitution-enforcement-related event recently. Seems a fellow tried to solicit a female undercover police officer who was part of a sting operation. When other officers moved in to arrest him, he struggled and fled. The police fired at him but the shots did not hit the suspect or others, thank goodness. But they easily could have. Is stopping consensual activity between adults so important that it is worth killing people over?

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