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Monday, February 28, 2005
Mob Justice Gains in Salina, Kansas

Some people who object to obscenity refuse to patronize stores that peddle filth. Others take up a petition to convene a grand jury, to ensure that other people are not allowed to patronize such stores. 476 valid signatures have now been certified in Saline County, Kansas, requesting that a grand jury be convened to explore indictments for promoting obscenity against two Salina stores. Some judges still have to sign off before the grand jury gets down to business. Presumably, at that point, Salina will have to follow the lead of neighboring Dickinson County, which ponied up over $1,300 in Sheriff Department funds to buy some potentially obscene stuff to make a similar case before a grand jury. (In November, Vice Squad mentioned one fellow who was unlikely to sign the Salina petition.)

Speaking of petitions, the official Saline County website has a poll asking "Would you like to see Ice Hockey at the Livestock and Expo Center?" Vice Squad recommends a vote of "No".

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