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Wednesday, February 23, 2005
Petard Watch: The Prostitution Informant

If you are like most people, you probably like to videotape acts of prostitution so that you can help police fight the nefarious commercial sex industry. When you find out that television programs are willing to pony up some cash for your evidence, you probably are willing to expand your public service, by paying women to solicit customers who will then be videotaped without their knowledge. But in Oklahoma City, such sacrifices, made for the common weal, apparently will put you at risk of prosecution. Another informant's good intentions punished by liberal prosecutors!

Vice Squad occasionally looks at the underappreciated efforts of vice informants.

Update: Turns out there's a lot more to this video vigilante thing than appeared in the story linked above -- in particular, it seems that some of the informant's past work may have upset the district attorney and the police. Here's an article with more details, though a lengthy registration is required. The accused has a website,

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